Creative Criticism

Here is an article I read earlier this morning from Do Something Cool Get More Out of Life!

One paragraph really stuck out the most for me and maybe many other people relating to “Creative Criticism”.

One of the obvious benefits of criticism is that it can tell you when you’re wrong. Being wrong about something sucks, but no one telling you when you’re doing something wrong is even worse. Having people around you who will tell you when to reexamine your thinking is important.


People now a days just don’t like hearing it, hell I even hate it. Good or Bad it’s still worth reanalyzing things, don’t let your ego get the best of you.

I would never Hate my critics even though my feelings might be hurt. We all recover from hurt feelings.  I would try to Listen and Learn from them. What they have to say could help change paths into a new direction, or they keep you believing your’re not doing anything wrong.

Have a great day!


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