Why Dodge? Why did you have to die now.!.?

We purchased a 2000 Dodge 4×4 last year from craigslist.  I chose this vehicle just because it was supposed to have a new remanufactured transmission in it.

The truck ran pretty good and it was inspected till 8/16, no check engine light, and all the fluids were full. This seems like a pretty good truck.

Then just a few months down the road the check engine light comes on, “Oh Great!, a code for number 4 injector, oxygen sensor code, and transmission code” Now what do I do this is our only means of transportation for me to get a job, and to get my wife back and forth to her part-time job in the bakery at the local grocery store where she had just started. Now how am I going to get this fixed?  It’s now August 2016 inspection and emission are now up. We have no money to get it inspected, so now the truck sets at my son’s house. 

It’s now 3/17 we get are taxes back now we have new tires, and a new battery, toke the truck to a local garage for all the work it needed for inspection. After about $1000. later Yes finally! Codes all cleared no check engine light! We’re good to go now I can get back to work, my wife has transportation back and for to her new job. Three weeks later…BAAM! WTF IS THIS? Check engine light giving a code p1740 which is Torque Converter Clutch or Overdrive Solenoid. Oh Great, just F***ING GREAT! Are you “F***ING KIDDING ME!  Here we are again in the same boat, same f***ked up waters with No transportation again! I give up! We’re not supposed to have this truck it’s up for sale because we don’t have the $2500-$3500 to replace the transmission.


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