The meeting

I got into town a little early this afternoon so I could grab a little lunch and sit outside on the bench before the meeting.

After finishing my lunch I proceeded into the building straight to the elevators. No sooner I stepped in front of the elevator the doors opened. There stands this old gentleman dressed in a black three-piece suit, with high hills wearing a top hat.  He asks in a raspy voice, “What Floor?”. 29th Please I said to him. He turns an looks at me with this ominous grin. I thought to myself “that was odd”. 

Now I’m on the 29th floor and at the end, the hall is where the meeting is taking place. I knocked then walked into the room. The room had this unbelievable view of the mountains and the ocean. In the center of the room was this Beautiful huge round glass table with only four chairs. 

I sat down in one of them and patiently waited for the others to arrive. Five or Ten minutes pass then a knock at the door, the door slowly opens she walks in… Man, my heart started to race!  She graciously walked around the room and sits down at one of the three chairs left. 

Five or Ten minutes pass when Suddenly I feel this light touch roll down my arm! Oh, My God, I’m thinking…

And of course, I panicked pulled away then looked at her.

Damn spider ruined my dream!


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