Ghostly conductor

I had caught the last train heading to Harrisburg, Pa. from Mount Joy, Pa.. 

I been here all day on business, I’m tried and there is no where close to get a cup of coffee this late at night. 

While I was at the ticket booth purchasing my ticket I heard the train whistle blowing. So I grabbed my things and headed towards the door. When I got outside the train was just pulling into the station.

Photo by Stephen Oravec
Photo by Stephen Oravec

As I was walking to one of the train cars at the back of the train. I was looking down at my ticket as the train came to a stop. All of a sudden I see this bright flash on the ground just ahead of me. I look up and I see this ghostly looking conductor step down from the train and walk across the platform shaking his flashlight yelling, “All Aboard!”.

Photo by Stephen Oravec

I paused for moment, an thought to myself, “What the hell is that?” As I reach for my phone to get a picture or a video, he steps back up onto the train still yelling, “All Aboard!” An vanishes. Then I aboard the train for my journey home. 

Photo by Stephen Oravec

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